JANE’S Carry On Essentials

Tablet: Good entertainment for a long or short plane ride. I’m able to do work, read a book, or play candy crush so it has all my needs in one!

Toiletry/makeup bag: No one wants to get off a plane looking crusty. So, I always have my lil’ on-the-go makeup kit with me, which includes the quick touch-up necessaries. It includes lip gloss/stick, blush, shadow, powder, fem-wipes (perfect for a quick freshen up), hand-sanz, oil-sheets, mini toothbrush, mini deodorant, and face towelettes.

Eye drops: Airplane air is SO DRY! I feel like every time get off a plane, I want to jump in a jar of Vaseline and drown my eyes in visine. So, while in route, I refresh with drops! Saving Grace!! Nothing like blinking and feeling as if your eyes have NO moisture at all.

Scarf: This is a cute accessory and I can use it for my hair! If I decide to take a little nap, the last thing I need to do is wake up with bed head. So, I always bring something I can wrap my hair up with that also doubles as a cute stylish accent. And, when I get off the plane, the first thing I do is go to the airport restroom to freshen up and remove said scarf!

Gum: I don’t know about you, but when we reach those higher elevations, my ears start to pop. But, if I’m chewing gum, it (1) alleviates the air pressure I’m feeling, and (2) staves off hunger so I’m not so tempted to buy an OVERPRICED treat on the plane! Lol

Socks: I’m anemic and I’m ALWAYS COLD, just ask my hubs. But seriously, because there is a significant drop in temperature when flying, I NEVER leave home without socks. As soon as I board the plane, I put them on. They are a life safer and keep me from feeling as if I’m flying in an icebox.

Water bottle: For TSA reasons, I obviously do not get this till AFTER I get through security. But, I have yet to board a flight without my own bottle of water. As I probably drink at least 100 ounces of water per day, I have to have a water bottle to stay hydrated while in air. It’s a life saver.

What are yours?

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