Jane’s 2016 Beauty + Fashion Resolutions

I haven’t made my beauty and fashion routine a priority in some time and I think it’s time to make a commitment to myself on paper, or online, that I will make some changes in the near future. I’m in my 30’s and it’s time to get a lock on this whole beauty and fashion thing right?

  1. Take Better Care of My Skin – My skin has always been constant struggle and battle. I have different patches of problem areas due to my eczema and hyperpigmentation as well. So all the chicks in magazines with great skin #powertoya. So I’m making a change that this year I will do better with moisturizing for one thing because it’s so easy to be in a rush and skip it but my skin is suffering in the process so I’m going to make a change to make sure to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize!
  2. Discover My Own Personal Style – This is something that will probably take a lot of effort on my part and experimenting with different looks. I can’t say I have my own personal definitive style. I wear what I like and dress for the occasion typically. My style at present doesn’t have a flow, in my opinion anyway. It would be nice to establish my own style and figure out what I really like rather than it be so all over the place.
  3. Build My Wardrobe – I think this is a follow up to #2 because my wardrobe doesn’t even begin to have the basic staples one would need. With weight fluctuation and having a baby my wardrobe is a disaster. But the hubs and I have decided to have closet systems installed in our new home his and hers closets so I’m hoping that it will help me be able to dress better and not wear the same thing all the time.
  4. Perfect my 10 Minute Makeup Routine – Having a little one means I need to be able to do everything much faster because his attention span right is lasting about 10 minutes. I’m also ashamed to admit that I have an extensive makeup collection of which I hardly use or wear due to pure laziness. So if I can get my everyday look down to 10 minutes that will have me looking polished, perhaps this will help me wear makeup more often and not let it go to waste.
  5. Dress Better At Work – My work attire comes down to pure laziness. It’s not that I don’t have nice work items, it’s just easier to put on that go-to pants or top that you wear all the time because putting something together requires “effort”. It also doesn’t help that the work I am currently doing isn’t as fulfilling as I’d like for lack of opportunities and growth, but that’s no reason to look like a slob in the process right? Hopefully this little adjustment will boost my own personal morale and give me a career ego boost!
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