Is Cheating Now Ok?

As I have grown older and encountered different people in different relationships, I have really started to wonder if when one cheats if that really means it’s over? I say that because the couples I know personally in that situation are still with their mates. If we examine the lives of the rich and famous or look at what mainstream media puts out, it would appear that couples stay together despite an extramarital affair. A few examples below:

Rich + Famous

  • Bill & Hillary Clinton
  • Kobe & Vanessa Bryant
  • David Letterman & Regina Lasko
  • Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union

TV Shows

  • Breaking Bad
  • Scandal
  • The Good Wife
  • Being Mary Jane

All of these celebrity relationships/ TV shows have gone through cheating scandals and yet they have remained with their mates. Is it because they fear leaving? Do they fear being alone? Do they love their spouse? Are there worse things than cheating? With what I have seen and heard, it seems as if cheating is NOT the end. Despite the significant other having to get over the physical aspect of the cheating that seems not to be the part that hurts the most. The emotional connection that arises from having an affair seems to be of more importance. It makes the non-cheating spouse wonder, what did you talk about? What made you attracted to that person? What intimate conversations or details did you share about yourself? What is this other person able to give you that I am not able?

What I’m getting at is, that from a viewer’s standpoint both the rich and famous and TV shows alike are sending the message that it is in fact OK to cheat. The media is contributing to extramarital affairs by the content in which they choose to show. They depict that marriage is not a sacred union between two people and that if you feel the urge to “try something new” have at it. On top of that, they make us like the adulterer even more in some instances. In the case of Scandal, we LOVE Olivia Pope despite knowing that she is committing adultery with a married man who, oh yeah by the way, happens to be the President of the United States!

But perhaps this is what we want. Perhaps the mainstream media is giving people what they want because people tend to like or prefer the non-traditional, life is NOT a fairytale ending. And that’s probably because it is reflective of their own life in a way….food for thought.

Image: Womens Museum

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