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Dare I admit this on a public platform? But…hello my name is Jane and I love Wine!

Now that I got that out of my system, I figure it is a good time to teach your kids the basics of wine. Now, while I will be writing regular posts on topics such as wine pairings, types of wine-ware, how to serve wine, etc., the purpose of this post is to provide a foundation. In this post, I will identify types of wine and provide a brief flavor description of each. The more you train your palate, the more you will understand the depth of different wines, if you’re wanting to try different wines to refine your palate and also find your favorites, you’re now able to search around online for websites like GraysOnline Wines and others that can allow you to search for different wines you may have never seen or tried before. Plus, who doesn’t love a good wine tasting?! You might already have a basic understanding if you follow blogs like Ilovewine so this will just be a refresher post, but going over the basics never hurt anyone.

Red Wine – Best Served with Red Meat:

Red wines are rich and intense with flavor, which can vary from oak to berries to chocolate. Because of the wide range of flavors that red wine can offer, you are bound to find one that you will just love (click here for more information). Did you know that it is also full of antioxidants, which is great for your heart? Red wine should be served at room temperature. It should also be served in a glass with a wide bottom, which allows you to hold the glass by its bowl; the heat from your hand helps to release the wine’s flavors. As red wine needs to breathe, swirling it around releases the aromas that have settled at the bottom, allowing for a fuller bouquet and better wine tasting experience.

Merlot: Rich oak and blackberry flavors with hints of vanilla, plums, and cherries; it is full- to medium-bodied and very smooth, soft, and subtle

Cabernet Sauvignon: Spicier than merlot and full-bodied with hints of cedar and cherries

Pinot Noir: Fruity yet spicy with hints of pepper and plums

Shiraz: Spicy, with hints of berries

Chianti: Very subtle, with berries and pepper

White – Best Served with Fish or Chicken:

White wine has floral to fruity flavors. White wine should be served cold in an oval shaped glass with a long, slender stem. Holding the glass by the stem prevents you from warming the wine.

Chardonnay: Light, crisp, subtle flavors of fruit and generally with a light aroma of honey

Riesling: Full-balanced flavor with strong aromas of peach, melon, or passion fruit

Sauvignon Blanc: Dry, citrusy flavors with hints of melon and honey

Pinot Grigio: A crisp wine, with an apple and berry flavor ranging from tart to fruity

Gewurztraminer: Dry and spicy, with aromas of cloves and roses

Moscato: Very sweet, full of fruit and floral flavors and mostly served as a dessert wine.

Hope this quick little intro to wine helps when you have your first glass!

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