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Ladies…I’m feeling some type of way! I just tried on my size 6 jeans from last summer and those jokers barely fit over my ankles. After I threw the biggest hissy fit—complete with a few WTFs—I decided to check out the latest trends in fashion to make myself feel better. I figured if I was lucky enough, maxi dresses would still be in and I could avoid wearing jeans all summer. As luck would have it…jeans are making a comeback (excuse the sarcasm). REALLY?! Jeans are making a comeback just as I’m starting to feel like a beached whale?! Well, that’s great, isn’t it? Apparently, JANE is not the only sarcastic one around here.

And by the way…this is not some inspirational “I’m going to lose some weight” feel-good story. This is an “imma find some jeans that make my ass look smaller” type of deal. With that in mind, I googled “curvy chick” and “jeans” and some really cool options popped up.  One that stood out to me was Style & Co’s jeans for ladies who got BACK! The best thing is that they have sizes that range from 4 to 18 and they are about $50 at Macys. Most importantly, the jeans don’t go past my belly button as most curvy girl jeans do.  I went and picked up a pair IMMEDIATELY! Check them out…I hope they look as slim to you as they do to me.

If you’re looking to appear slimmer before slaving away in the gym, then pick up a pair of these jeans, ladies. Check them out below! And, let me know if you found any jeans that let you still look bootylicious and not like Shamu.

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