Enjoy The First Date

Many, many moons ago, my first date with my husband left me with a lot of anxiety.  I found myself trying to figure out what to wear and what to talk about (he’s older). Now that I look back, our first date was a true indication of what our entire relationship would be like…unorthodox. While our relationship has evolved over the last 10 years, I really did enjoy our first date because I did not follow any of the so-called “rules” of dating and my husband did not fail to offer some entertainment of his own. My date was enjoyable because I did the following:

Stayed in the moment: It’s easy to get lost in the moment, especially if you really like the guy. You start worrying about whether he could be “The One.” This type of thinking can get in the way of learning about this person. It can also put pressure on you to try to gauge where the relationship, that you don’t even have yet, is going. As a result, you may not enjoy your time together.

I managed to stay in the moment because my husband is quite the character. In fact, I was actually sure my husband was not “The One” because on our first date, he told me that he would be gone for two months (starting the next day) because he was in the military.

Tried not to judge: This may be the hardest thing in the world to do. We are all judgmental about something and we are trying to figure out if what we see about this person is what we want. Don’t fall into that trap! If I had fallen into this trap, I would never have seen my husband again! On the way to the restaurant, he told me he had to pick up his wallet from a friend’s house because he lost it while streaking…yeah, not exactly what I expected when he picked me up for dinner.

If you can manage to follow these two bits of advice, you should definitely enjoy your first date and hopefully more in the future!

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