How To Make A Wedding Registry

While my [now] husband and I were in the process of establishing a registry for our wedding, I couldn’t help wondering what one needs when you’re already shacked up!! I will admit that the idea of walking around Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, or Williams & Sonoma armed with a scanning gun just made me all giddy inside! You can register for china, appliances, tools, entertainment equipment (yes, this includes the 60” flat screen TV the groom has been eyeing), as well as linens and kitchen gadgets. But, is it really necessary? I know many couples have mixed views on this and for good reason!

In the past, when you and your fiancé created a registry you were literally registering for EVERYTHING, mainly because people weren’t typically already “living in sin.” (lol) Fast-forward 80 years or so and times have changed. Couples can establish registries that allow guests to contribute $ to pay off student loans, put a down payment on a house, or even put $ toward activities and excursions for your honeymoon.

For my husband and I, our registry was fairly small. It only contained kitchen items because that’s one area in which we didn’t put too much effort in money wise and needed a serious upgrade! Besides, how else was I to get my Martha Stewart/Betty Crocker on if I didn’t have the proper tools? You can’t make a proper soufflé w/o a kitchen aid or a double boiler…or so I’ve been told! Lol

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Registry Tips:

Create a registry: Guests want to get you something to celebrate your big day so give them something to work with.

Register at 2-3 places: Give your guests options, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests.

Register early: Give guests 6-9 months or more before the wedding to get gifts.

Update registry before your bridal shower & wedding: Your registry may have changed with guests buying gifts and may need to be updated.

Register for various priced gifts: Gift prices should range from $20, $50, $100, to $250+ to ensure everyone can find a gift they can AFFORD. Expensive items can be group gifts.

Involve your groom: It’s his wedding too (so they say) and he should have a say as well…but limit it, lol.

Quality is key: Select items (china, crystal, pots, pans, etc.) that will last and withstand the years.

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