How To Keep Things Spicy

It is so easy to fall into a sex rut when you have “life” stuff going on. From attending weddings, showers, and family and work functions, it leaves less room for sex and more time for sleep. Check out a few ideas to reignite the passion!

Try new things: Tired of the same old stuff? Well chances are he is too! Do some research and switch it up. You both might be thankful for the newness.

Get vocal: How will he know what you want if you don’t speak up? Don’t be shy and let your guy know what you want and how you want it!

Foreplay focus: Build anticipation with foreplay and don’t follow through until later or the next day.  Until you actually follow through, your mind will swirl with the possibilities of what’s to come.

Surprise him: Nothing is more exciting than exciting your mate with a little romp. Chances are, he wasn’t expecting it and will appreciate the initiative and the change up! Just make sure you don’t do it while he’s watching the game because chances are he might not appreciate that distraction tactic.

Sexting: Sexting can build anticipation while you’re away from each other in addition to helping you work on your dirty talk.

Flirt: Sometimes we forget to do this simple thing. It lets your man know you still find him attractive and still want him. Whether it’s a passionate kiss, or a pinch on the butt let him know he still has it!

Coupon booklet: These are always fun and crafty and an easy way to spice things up without having to put in much effort because the idea is already made for you!

Let me know if these work for you!

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