How to Go On a Diet When You’re A Picky Eater

Hello, my name is ANN and I’m a picky eater! This is the part where you say…hello, ANN!

I’ve always had very strong opinions about everything in my life. But, I’m not exactly sure when those opinions began to branch out into the types of food I consume. When I was little, I demanded that the crust be cut off my bread, which I still hear children ask to this very day. So I was not unlike any other child who was introduced to new foods by their parents and left to figure out what tasted good and what was for the birds. But somehow, over the last 10 years, my pickiness with food has hit a fevered pitch! Now I go into restaurants and completely redesign their menus, slowly replacing some items for others and watching the server roll their eyes while I change every ingredient in the dish. I honestly can’t help myself. For some reason, I won’t eat anything that was not named after an animal on Old McDonald’s farm. So basically, if it’s not a moo-moo here or an oink-oink there…I’m not eating it! And, I even omit some of those animals because I will not eat duck or lamb. Other foods, like seafood, I’m allergic to.

As you can see, I face some significant challenges when dieting because I’m limited in what I can and will eat. I often become bored with dieting because my food choices are soooo limited! So, what’s a picky eater like myself to do? Become more creative with the foods I do eat and slowly try to sneak in some stuff I’m not particularly fond of, like turkey.  A Shape magazine article claims that you should try to prepare foods you’re reintroducing into your diet by preparing them like you would your favorite foods. The only problem is…my favorite dishes usually involve something smothered in cheese and wrapped in bacon. Clearly not an option if I’m going to lose weight.

Being the proactive chick that I am, I just bought a cookbook and avoided recipes I would normally gravitate toward. I will be posting the recipes as well as pics of my own in an effort to branch out and perhaps give picky eaters everywhere some hope!

If you have some recipes for me to try, feel free to comment and let me know!

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