How to Fake a Smokey Eye

I find it extremely frustrating that I can never perfect the smokey eye look. I have used every excuse imaginable, from my skin pigment not being conducive to the smokiness to not having the right brushes. So 5,000 YouTube videos and a full collection of overpriced Mac eye shadow brushes later, I have come to one conclusion…it’s ME! It’s kind of ironic that a person who planned to be a neurosurgeon can’t manage to paint her face right…go figure.

That old saying, “if you can’t beat them, join them,” has never been my motto. I am more of an Eye of the Tiger type of girl…where there’s a will, there is a way, honey! In that spirit, my BH Cosmetics neutral eye palette has helped me fake my way to a respectable smoky eye look. It sucks that I can’t share the colors because they don’t really list them on their palette…but you can visit their website and take a  peek at the neutral eye palette to see which colors will work best for you…don’t be afraid to go a shade lighter or darker.

Ok…now to the nitty gritty…my faux smokey eye starts with the purple-ish color (BH palette top row, last one on the right). I know it has glitter, but I promise it doesn’t look as bad on your lids. First, take this color and spread it over your lower lid. Then, look two rows down, where there is a nice chocolate brown color. Blend that color just above your lower lid (in the middle of your eye lid). Put on some black eye liner and voilà! Cheaper cheater pumpkin eater smoky eye! I hope you feel as much a genius as I do when it turns out right.

Do you have an easier way to create your makeup looks? Feel free to share them with the rest of us!

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