A How To for Making a Naked Cake

If you peruse Pinterest like I do you might have come across a naked cake or two. They are on the rise as far as wedding cakes go and they look so elegant and simple so I knew that I had to try my hand at one for my son’s first birthday party. Having found some Pinterest inspiration, I set on my quest to make the perfect naked cake for my birthday boy. If you’re asking yourself why I didn’t have a cake made it’s because I was trying to what a lot of new moms do their first year…DO IT ALL!!! lol 

I will admit I did feel like I was doing something extra special because I made his cake and it made me feel good! Plus, I HATE fondant! It’s disgusting and for my little dude to be able to do a proper cake smash having no fondant was key. Fondant is just too tough for little kids to get through I think, and on the flip side making his birthday cake saved me a lot of money! Instead of me spending $200+ on some fancy cake I think I spent about $3 on a box of Betty Crocker made the icing and I’d do it again! It might become a little tradition now that I think about it. I can save the fancy fondant cakes for when he’s older and can actually verbalize what he wants. 

Check out the steps and pics below and let me know if you tried to make one!












  • Bake your cake *make sure to prep your pans by greasing and flouring them beforehand so your cake doesn’t stick*
  • Let cakes cool 10-15mins so they are easy to handle *wrap in saran wrap and place in freezer for 3-4hrs so they don’t crumble while you are cutting them*
  • After removing cakes from freezer unwrap cakes and proceed to cut off tops if need be if they aren’t flat
  • Laying cake on its side (as pictured) cut cake in half
  • Using the top piece of cake as a bottom to build your layers.  Place your frosting (buttercream, cream cheese, ganache etc.) in between your layers on the outer edge to make sure to have a nice thick line of frosting when you stack your layers. Save a bottom layer of your cake as the naturally flat bottom as the top of your cake to keep things level.
  • Decorate your cake with anything you see fit, flowers, candy, nuts whatever you like
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