Hospital Tour: What to Ask

I know what you’re thinking…“Should I schedule a hospital tour before my baby comes?” I wondered this to myself as well. But then I found myself on my hospital website registering for their Expectant Parent Tour and I’m so glad I did! If you’re a first time mom, like myself, visiting the hospital or birthing center is a smart way to prepare yourself and partner for the birth of your baby. Nothing is worse than showing up somewhere and not knowing what to do and where to go. The hospital tour also allows you to learn more about your hospital’s procedures and rules and get a picture of how your birthing and recovery room will look. On our hospital tour they went over the labor and delivery process, postpartum (mother/baby) unit, nursery and we were able to ask questions throughout the tour. So, if you’re considering taking a hospital tour, which I highly recommend, be prepared and use this list of questions I used on my tour as your guide!

Questions to Ask

  1. What support is available for a natural birth?
  2. Wait time for the anesthesiologist?
  3. How long are the nurse shifts?
  4. How is fetal monitoring done?
  5. Does the hospital have a NICU? If so, what level?
  6. Do babies stay room-in with mom or go to the nursery?
  7. What type of breastfeeding support is available?
  8. What security measures are in place to ensure the safety of mom and baby?
  9. What’s the visitor policy?
  10. Are room’s private rooms, semi-private, or shared?
  11. When is circumcision procedures done?
  12. Are lactation consultants available?
  13. Under what circumstances would formula be given and will I be asked first?
  14. Am I able to leave the room while in labor?
  15. How many people besides me and partner are allowed in the room during delivery?

 Anything I missed? Let me know!

Image: Cochranfoley

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