Holler If Ya Hear Me

This past weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to New York to see my little brother, Joshua Boone, make his Broadway Debut in the stage play Holler If Ya Hear Me. This play features music and lyrics by Tupac and depicts a story about friendship, love, family, hope and change. My honest initial thought was “Hmmm…Rap on Broadway…Interesting.” Although I would not consider myself a “Rap Head”, I do still enjoy my Jay Z, Nas, Kanye (when he’s behaving) etc. I did not know what to expect with this show, so I purposefully did not do any research on it as to not have other people’s ideas on the play blur my own experience. I’m glad I didn’t.

To say that show was great does not fully express my sentiment about it. Seeing as how I pretty much went in blind, besides knowing who Tupac was, I was truly impressed with the overall execution of the show and the incorporation of Tupac’s music and lyrics. I found myself engrossed with the characters backgrounds and trying to understand them as they expressed themselves on stage. While watching the struggles the characters dealt with I could not help but think of family and friends in my life that have had similar life experiences. The conflict within themselves seemed to be a common thread amongst all the characters as they dealt with anger, loyalty, love and more. Whether you’re familiar with Tupac, life on the streets, or none of the above, this play can be appreciated by anyone.

I walked away wanting to listen to every song Tupac made so that I could have a deeper understanding of where he was coming from. I also felt inspired to look at myself and the world around me. I found myself wondering if my current actions are effecting change. Am I trying to better myself? Am I trying to make a difference? Am I trying to motivate others and myself through my actions? Holler If Ya Hear Me greatly encouraged a message of “be the change you want to see in the world” and I intend to do so.
So if you’re wondering if you should check it out…Don’t! Just buy your tickets, sit back, and enjoy the show.

For more information click here http://hollerifyahearme.com/


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