Highs + Lows of Wedding Planning

As some of you may or may not know, wedding planning is not all Peaches & Cream! There will be laughs and tears along this journey but they all contribute to one thing à YOUR WEDDING DAY!!! Whether you have a wedding planner or not, there will be times of frustration and times where you think “man that was easy” which is great! Either way, do NOT be discouraged! The result WILL be worth it and no matter what happens that day it’s about you and your spouse to be! You two are the only people who matter on the actual day so just keep that in mind!


  • Having ANYTHING you want (within your budget)
  • Vendors being so happy to meet & greet with you
  • Food and cake tastings! (So Yummy)
  • Getting a GREAT deal on something that you thought would be WAY more!
  • Having friends and family be so supportive and happy for you!
  • Seeing your vision finally come together
  • Looking forward to marrying your best friend


  • The actual planning! (It’s A LOT of work)
  • You have moments you don’t feel like doing ANYTHING but you have to.
  • Finding something you REALLY want and it throws you over budget.
  • The overall COST!!! Money just flying out the door never to return…lol
  • Participants not completing assigned tasks within their role or scope! (Wedding Planner, Bridesmaid, Groomsmen, whoever!)
  • Unreturned RSVP cards and/or guests who no show the day of! (TACKY & RUDE!)
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  • I completely agree with not being discouraged. There will really be times when you feel frustrated or disappointed but it’s normal, it will pass. Just try to enjoy the planning, well, it’s not all about frustrations and disappointments, there are fun parts too. Love the food and cake testing too and the most important thing here is marrying the man of your dreams, your bestfriend, the love of your life.

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