Hidden Airline Costs

If you’re a frequent flyer like myself then you may have noticed that over the last couple of years, airline fees have increased left and right. Things that used to be a courtesy gesture are now marked up add-ons. As more airlines make “little luxuries” additional fees, the price of your $150 plane ticket somehow ends up being $350 by the time you’re done booking your trip. Check out the hidden fees list below.

Phone reservations ($5-$25): Unless you really think it’s necessary to talk to a representative, it’s much cheaper to book your flight online.

Carry-on luggage ($0-$50): Carrying on luggage was used to be very popular before started charging for checked bags…now there is a fee here as well.

Checked bags ($50-$150): Checking even one bag can add an additional $50 to your total plane ticket. And if you’re checking multiple bags, you may want to consider shipping them because it might be cheaper!

In-flight Wi-Fi ($0-15): As more and more people have their own electronic devices that can take care of all their entertainment needs from music, games, and videos, airlines had to get there cut somehow. Therefore, if you have a device with Wi-Fi and still need to send out that business e-mail you will have to pay for it.

In-flight entertainment ($0-$10): While movies used to be a courtesy gesture from airlines to get passengers through the flight, now if you want to catch ESPN or see the latest flick on HBO, it is going to cost you.

Headphones ($0-$5): If you want to watch a movie and hear it over the sound of the plane, you are going to need these. Bring your own and save your money.

Priority seat selection ($0-$50): Are you partial to an aisle seat? Then it’s going to cost you an extra buck. If you would rather sit in an exit row or at the front of the plane, you will pay for it.

Extra leg space ($5-$200): Since planes today are built to pack people in, there is not much space to stretch out. But, should you require more leg room, you can have a few inches more for a few bucks.

Alcoholic drink ($5-$10): Need to take the edge off? Then you will need ID and some money because that inflight jack and coke (or glass of wine) ain’t free.

Nonalcoholic drink ($0-$10): Depending on the airline, beverages may be free. But nowadays, that one courtesy cup of sprite or tea will cost you. Better to buy your own drink after you get through security.

Flight reservation cancellation or change ($0-$200): Was your trip cancelled or you now have to go on a later date because something came up? Well, it’s going to cost you to make a change even if it’s a later flight for the same day. Best bet is to be sure when you make the reservation.

Pillow/blanket ($0-$5): It’s typically cold on planes, so a blanket and a pillow will help you nap, but it’s not free anymore. I’d say bring your own or dress warm. Sweatshirt in flight will be a Godsend.

Food ($0-$10): Hungry? You better not be because today you’re lucky if you even get some peanuts or crackers for free! Did I miss anything?!? Let me know…

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