Heart Rate Monitor…I Love It!

A heart rate monitor (HRM) is a personal monitoring device that tracks an individual’s heart rate whether it be during physical exercise or a time of rest. The device captures your heart rate and intensity of the exercise and helps you to know your optimal heart rate target zone. These can monitor your heart rate over days, weeks or months. People tend to use these to make sure their workouts are efficient but also use them to see how healthy they are in general. A high heart rate when resting is an indication that you are stressed, unfit, or have an underlying health condition, which is why many choose to use a noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation device to improve their heart rate and overall health in these regards. Some heart rate monitors can also tell you the total duration of your workouts and how many calories you have burned as well. As I was going to use an HRM for workouts, I wanted one with those kinds of features.

Before I purchased my HRM, I did a little research on different brands because I wanted to make sure I was getting a decent watch. I wanted to make sure that watch would tell me my target heart rate zones and how many calories I burned. I also wanted to make sure it was able to track the duration of my workouts and show me the total calories burned over time. As I researched, I found that watches ranged from $50 – $500. For a $500 HRM, it can pinpoint your exact location; these expensive brands come with GPS and can probably make you a cup of coffee. However, I just wanted a plain JANE bare basics that was a quality buy.

I then stumbled across the Sigma Women’s PC 9 Heart Rate Monitor and fell in love! This awesome watch helped me lose 40lbs before my wedding (of which I gained a few back, but I’m back in gear to get back to my wedding size). I was able to monitor the calories I was burning. Therefore, because I knew how many calories I burned, I was able to monitor my food intake better. For anyone looking for a HRM that is quality and not too pricey I would definitely recommend this one!

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