Halloween At the White House

When you think about Halloween, it never occurs to you that you could end up at the White House. On top of that, actually be in the presence of POTUS. Well, friends that is how things shaped up for my little family and I this year. Thanks’ to my awesome hair guru, Yene Damtew, also known as Michelle Obama’s colorist; we were fortunate enough to experience the Halloween at the White House. In all the years, I have lived in the DMV I have never been to the White House. It is quite the difficult place to get into because lord knows we have tried to get a tour.

Any who, they have security, on security on security when you arrive who check your ID etc. However, once you are in entertainers of all sorts welcome you. Trapeze artists, jugglers, dancers, costume clad folks that just want you to have a good time. It is awesome because with so many people it takes a bit of time to get through. For the record, not everyone gets to meet POTUS and FLOTUS either. In the event you are fortunate, enough to be in their presence maybe do not do what I did and be dressed like Cat in the Hat. I assure you I have wanted to meet Barack and co. for a while now and I could not have predicted that I would have been dressed in Dr. Sues gear.   


Arrive Early – Getting there early is always a good thing. There will be a ton of people and you will be glad you did!

Park at the W Hotel – Best parking area ever considering you line up at E & 15th Street.

Bring A Stroller – Stroller’s save lives and you’re going to be waiting a while so make sure you have one in tow.

Pack Snacks – Bring a few crackers, a squeeze pack, or whatever you kid likes and make sure they eat it before you go through the bag search.

Dress Warm – Nothing is worse than being cold and outside for 3hrs.

Decide who is taking the kid and who’s capturing the moment  – Only one parent can walk the kid down to get their candy from POTUS/FLOTUS so decide before you go. And opt for Video. Its just easier.

Enjoy – Take it all in because who knob’s when you will be back at the White House.

To see my experience check out the pics and videos below!


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