Guess Who’s Preggers… Round Two??

I would say, “Oops We did it Again” but the fact is that we did not know I was pregnant until I was 3 months along. Go figure. When I was pregnant, the first time I knew after 2 weeks but this go round was completely different. I was still nursing my son so that we could make our trip to South Africa because no baby would make a 16hr flight without a little help so kudos to #breastfeeding. But I also didn’t get my monthly which I didn’t think was a big deal because I was nursing so go figure when we came back and I started feeling nauseated fairly regularly. I really thought to myself “I can’t be pregnant” but let me make sure, and what do you know, on election day/morning (of all the days) it was confirmed. I was expecting. Tony, of course, thought I was joking until I flung the test at him and was like “no joke my friend”. We (I) decided not to tell our family (or anyone for that matter) until we knew the gender. Lord knows I prayed for a healthy baby first but, my inner selfish self-hoped that baby number 2 would be a chick.  So that meant that the family found out when I was about 5 months pregnant which was easier said than done considering we had to make it through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

In an effort not to play our second child we (I) decided to do gender reveal video just as we did with our first. I wanted to make sure our second child received a warm welcome as well, so without further delay….guess who is coming to dinner…

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