Groupon Do’s + Don’ts

If you subscribe to Groupon your probably used to the “daily deal” emails. While a lot of deals make you feel like you must by now and they are too good to be true, all deals are NOT created equal. If your wondering how to properly navigate groupon then check out these tips on how to evaluate these special offers.

Do Your Research – Before you click “buy” make sure you check out the company website. Does it seem legitimate? Call and make  a few inquiries to make sure that someone will answer and that staff seems capable.

Read Reviews – Reviews are everything now. I rely on them heavily when researching a product that I want to buy or a vacation that I want to take. It helps you to make a better-informed decision so make sure to apply that same logic to groupon purchases.

Trust Your Gut – Any responses you receive from the facility and professionals in questions should allow you to decide whether or not this company deserves your business. Were they able to answer your questions comfortably? Were you met with a rude response? If the replies you are receiving seem evasive or defensive, it could be a sign to look elsewhere.

Check to see how many deals have been sold – If there were 500 items of the service purchased make sure they are able to handle that capacity.  For example if you are considering a massage and see that 700 deals have been purchased you might not be able to get an appointment well past the expiration date of the deal.


  • Oil Change
  • Dinner
  • Beauty Tools (blow dryer, makeup brushes, curling wand)
  • Kitchen Products (knives,
  • Sports Gear (gym socks, heart rate monitor, tennis shoes)
  • Pet Products (dog bed, toys and treats)
  • Events + Activities


  • Hotels
  • Apparel
  • Getaways
  • Medical Treatments (botox, dentist, lasik)
  • Electronics (refurbished items like tablets or computers, chargers, gaming systems)


  • Maids
  • Massages
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Food Products (Cake pops from unknown bakery)
  • Jewelry (If you see a 1 carat diamond for $100 how great can the quality really be?)

Image: Scubaworks

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