Giving Asia Another Shot

One of the lasting, negative memories I’ve had of traveling was my trip to Hong Kong, China. I was only 13 at the time, but it remains one of the most irritating trips I’ve ever taken. The streets were extremely crowded…crowded to the point that you could neither stop to look for something in your bag or turn around. There was almost nowhere to sit down, despite there being millions of restaurants and benches within walking distance. And, it felt as if there was one pigeon for every one person on the planet…and they were all located in Hong Kong! It was horrible! The only benefit from the trip was the fact that they had a McDonalds, but even some of the menu choices at Mickey Ds were different from what we have here in the States.

Ignoring my last experience, I have decided to head back to Asia in the next two years with a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective. I have decided not to return to Hong Kong, but to visit the beautiful island of Phuket off the coast of Thailand. As part of my new commitment for giving things a second shot, I will be taking the next two years to learn everything I can about Phuket, like the best places to go and things to do while there. I will be sharing what I learn about the best times to buy the plane tickets to the best hotels and cultural things to try.

Be sure to add any advice and tips you have for me if you’ve been to Phuket before. I would love to see what you all would suggest I do when I make it there in 2015.


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