Unsolicited Advice with A+J: FOOD PREP 101

Food prep photos. Yeah, we’ve all seen those Pinterest photos that feature cute containers packed with a week’s worth of food in them. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can do it too! If you want to save time and have delicious meals you can pull out for lunch or dinner, start with these three easy steps:

Invest in Good Containers

The most important part of the process is finding quality storage containers that you can freeze and, when the time comes, pull out and transfer directly to the microwave to heat up. I’m lazy and since I spent all that time prepping my food…I want the heating process to be seamless. Here’s the food container I use. 

food prep
These compartment containers are the BEST!

Have a Plan

Instead of planning a different meal for each day of the week, opt for 3 recipes that you can eat multiple times in a week. 

food prep
Know what you’ll be cooking before you ever step into the kitchen.

Stick with What You Know

This is not the time to be trying that elaborate recipe you found online. You need to know for certain that what you’re eating is delicious, so stick to your world-famous spaghetti and meat sauce and leave the puff pastry dish for another day.

food prep
Stick to your favorites!

Images: Amazon, Daily Burn, House of Vegan, and Back to Roots

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