First Trimester Pregnancy Woes

During my first trimester of pregnancy in a nutshell… it was rough! I experienced a range of ailments but ultimately they were probably not as bad as some stories I have heard. Check out my pregnancy woes below.

Spotting – I spotted from 6 weeks till about 12. After I had my first appointment and pap smear to confirm my pregnancy etc. It wasn’t very heavy but enough to count and not be alarmed about. It definitely had me on alert because miscarriages are so common with first time moms I was paranoid about things for a while but ultimately just stayed in prayer that I was going to have a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy and so far so good!

Acne – There is nothing like pregnancy acne! I get facials on a regular as they are my one fav beauty regime that is relaxing and my skin benefits from. But after about 6 weeks in my face exploded with acne in black bumps in places I have NEVER gotten acne before. It was not attractive at all and my face has never been so sensitive. I was very cautious of what I put on my skin after that point but don’t panic if it happens to you because it will fade away eventually.

Nausea – I was nauseous for pretty much the entire first trimester. I had no idea that you could feel so sick but not throw up. I did learn that you can voluntarily throw up, but I don’t know if that would have helped or not. I had no issues with smells and what not but from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep I was nauseous. And it was hard because I was trying to hide that I was pregnant from friends, family coworkers etc. so I would put my game face on for social gatherings and try to look alive. Ginger ale became my best friend and I have never drank so much of it in my life. I will say towards the end of my first trimester however it started to not work as well and I started eating crystalized ginger which helped a lot.

Hot Flashes – These were not constant throughout the first trimester but here and there I’d get out of the shower and then be on fire and have the fan on and air blasting. My hubby thought I was insane but they hot flashes would just come and go and I’d be sucking down water running around naked to cool down.

Breast Tenderness – In getting my period for the past 15 years now (I’m 30) I have NEVER had as much breast tenderness as I they did during the first trimester. That’s how I knew I was pregnant. Putting on my bra, a seat belt, hugging someone, or even getting in the shower and letting the water hit my boobs or nips was excruciating! The level of sensitivity that my boobs had was unparalleled. I’m thankful that entering into the 2nd trimester it seems to have faded substantially.

Sulfur Breathe – This ailment was not as common as the others. One day sitting on the couch watching tele with the hubs and he was like come here and smelled my breathe and said it smelled like sulfur. Now during the first trimester I was burping A LOT. Supposedly very normal but when I’d burp after he said it I would smell/taste this sulfur like substance. It was annoying at first because let’s face it, who want’s sulfur breathe? But then it was like a signal that my baby was ok and growing just fine so I embraced it. It eventually faded right before the 2nd trimester hit but it wasn’t as bad as my other ailments in comparison.

It was at the end of the 1st trimester that I started to thinking about how time going to have time to do all the activities I want to do in order to get away from my child to take care of myself. I’ve always wanted to be able to get away for a while and I started thinking how I could do it when the time comes. Luckily, my friend, who used to be a Cultural Care Au Pair and now has her own kids, was able to give me lots of advice on what to do.

Image: Party with an Infant

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