Farmhouse-Style Dining Room without Going Overboard

Happy Tuesday, folks! So let’s talk about all things farmhouse. I know it seems to be the design choice du jour with everyone buying farms and installing open shelves in their kitchen. I have always been a huge fan of the farmhouse look because whenever you walk into someone’s home that has done it right, you instantly feel comfortable and well…at home.

And that’s what I wanted when I moved into my new house a few months back. When I first got started, I wanted to go full-on farmhouse, complete with cool signs, plates, some galvanized metal, and lightly distressed wood floors. I’ve since pulled back a bit and opted for a light and airy open living space with a few farmhouse elements. The one thing I’ve learned during the whole decorating process is that less is more and that a few farmhouse touches is more than enough to make your house a home.

For my first project, I decided to tackle decorating my dining room since I already had the chairs (from Z Gallerie) and a farmhouse-style table made a few years back. I thought to myself that the rest would be easy because all I had to do was make myself a little bar area, put some pictures up and swap out the light fixture. I nearly opted to change up the windows after seeing what a friend had done with some Graceland Replacement Windows, but in the end I chose to keep them as they are this time around. Maybe next time! I would like to say it was that easy, but it definitely took some time to pull this simple look together.

This is a model of my house.. My dining area is over in the corner (where the light fixture is).
Here’s a close up of the space.
Before we put everything together.

As you can see… I eventually decided on classic colors that complemented my table and opted to add flowers to brighten up the place. I am thinking of replacing the pictures in the back with photo mounted art but I still need to look into that. My best piece of advice is not to keep it simple and add just a few key elements of your favorite design style for a space you can be proud of!

The final product!

Happy decorating!

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