5 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait for Fall

1. Football


One of my favorite things to watch on a Sunday is the Washington Redskins! Win or lose, I love yelling at my TV begging RG3 to slide and demanding that they go for it on 4th down because they’re out of field goal range. I even start to follow a few other teams that I can watch into the post season if Washington (as usual) doesn’t make the cut. Last year, I watched a lot of 49ers and Denver games. I even rooted for the Panthers!

Are you ready for some football????? YES!!!!!!

2. Horror Movie Marathons


Another thing I’m obsessed with are horror movies. Maybe it speaks to my inner psychopath, but classics like Nightmare on Elm Street and The Omen (the originals, please) are constantly on my TV screen. It reminds me of a time when they made horror movies with the intent to psychologically scare you to death and threw in some slicing and dicing for good measure. The horror movies these days are all about buckets and buckets of blood and huge special effects. They should stick to the basics of a mysterious killer, interesting backstory, and a killer score (pun intended)!

3. My Favorite TV Shows come back on


Thank goodness I’m a busy person or else the lack of good TV show choices would have been unbearable. The days where I did find myself at home watching TV, I was alarmed by the lack of original program choices with the exception of Sunday nights. Remember when Beverly Hills 90210 put all-new episodes on in the summer?! TV show producers should really consider creating good summer programming for homebodies out there.

4. Candle Shopping at Bath and Body Works


I will admit that I’m obsessed with all things “home” related, so when the fall comes, I take it as an opportunity to change the scents filling up my house. Bath and Body Works is perfect for this because they have candles that remind you of cooler temperatures and crisp air by offering scents like leaves and pecan waffles. It doesn’t hurt that they always seem to always have an awesome sale going, so I can take home twice as many candles!

5. Starbucks’ Caramel Apple Cider


Now this drink is on the menu year-round, but who wants to drink a hot caramel apple cider in the summer? No one. But it’s perfect on a cool 50-degree day during a break from work. 

Images: Starbucks, Bath and Body Works, Fan Pop, Washington Redskins, and Musings of a Muse

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