Expert Tips You Need to Know Packing For Trips with Kids

If there is anything I love to do its travel. But, with two kid’s under 3yo traveling can be a challenge. This year has proven to be rather travel heavy for us and with our next trip to Vegas approaching quickly I thought I would share how I pack for my littles. One thing I’m always conscious of when packing is how much space things will take up in the suitcase and the rental car. You’re probably thinking what? Why does the suitcase and rental car matter? Well, airline fees are a beast these days so we always try to pack one large suitcase for our family of 4. And the reason I consider the rental car is because we are automatically going to have car seats, and the stroller and luggage will go in the trunk. So, if you’re planning on traveling with the kids these helpful trips will definitely make life easier for you!

Check the Weather

Before any trip I always check the weather. Depending on the temperature can mean the difference between layers, a coat or even rain boots.  So, I would always recommend checking the location that you’re going and finding out the weather. What can also be helpful is if you know someone who lives in that area, ask them how the weather has been lately because they can give you an even clearer idea of what attire to bring. 

Plan Your Outfits

Planning outfits for any trip whether it’s for a child or adult is always a good idea. Take your child’s tastes into consideration when packing, too. If your kid wants some Colorful Fashion Design Socks, then pack them. If they have a say in the outfits, then they’re likely to wear them without fuss. Also knowing what events will be happening each day on your trip will allow you to dress appropriately.  This would obviously require having a loose itinerary beforehand but it really does help. What you might wear to a museum that could be possibly cool opposed to what you would wear to a winery where it might be more warm are two different outfits, so plan ahead. 


Roll outfits to maximize space

To maximize space, I recommend rolling the clothes together outfit by outfit.  Put the entire outfit together to include whatever underwear and socks they’re going to wear for the day. As you can see in the photo below I have their outfits broken down as such and simply roll it up. Rolling clothes while packing cuts down on the use of space and keeps all your items for that outfit together. 

Use a Packing Cube

To save space while packing for the kids I use a packing cube. I use Shacke Pak  it keeps your clothes compressed together and neatly organized. Using packing cubes maximizes space in the suitcase, helps keep you organized and makes it easier to find items while on travel. With the kids because their clothes are so small I used the largest size packing cube and it fits both of their clothes. I use a separate packing cube for their toiletries, lotions, diaper creams body wash, brush, shampoo etc.

Don’t forget the essentials

When traveling we operate on a two backpack system. We have snacks and activities bag and then a wipes, diapers, and extra clothes bag. You would be surprised how often you need that thermometer, Tylenol, or Benadryl on a trip. The other bag can have a few toys, books, puzzles and snacks like apple juice, snack packs, goldfish, electronics. Separating the two will cut down on the heaviness of the bag and you’ll know immediately where to find each item.

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