Ethnic Weddings

Traditions! What are traditions when it comes to weddings? With various cultures and societal norms to consider, traditions can be small or large but they are spice that adds to weddings all over the world. Various wedding customs have their roots and popularity based on ethnic origin. I have yet to attend a wedding deep in culture and historical traditions but when I have come across pictures of weddings with a strong sense of culture, I am impressed and amazed at how beautiful the weddings are.

When I look at ethnic traditions, around the world I am envious at the way ceremonies are performed and what rich cultural bearings the ceremonies have. The customs that ethnic weddings have to unite a bride and groom are unique and carry a strong sense of marriage, culture and history. These traditions have been handed down through the years from every corner of the globe.

With love being a universal language, lovers from every corner of the globe should be able to express their love in any way they see fit.

Check out these pics from weddings across the globe.

Traditional Ethiopian Wedding
Japanese Shinto Wedding


Korean Wedding


Traditional Indian Wedding


Traditional Thai Wedding
Traditional Trinidad & Tabago Wedding Dress
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