DIY Natural Powder Foundation

Finding a foundation that matches my skin tone and gentle on my skin is quite the challenge.  Like most African American women, I am a shade of brown that cosmetic companies simply don’t know how to make products for. This means I have to mix a few colors together to find that perfect match, leaving my face weighed down by products and my pores clogged. I’ve had some success matching my skin tone with MAC’s foundation line, but their products are quite pricey and still wreak havoc on my skin from time to time.

In the spirit of taking better care of my skin, I decided to make my own powder foundation from natural ingredients hoping to find an alternative that leaves my skin looking flawless and healthy.

I hope you find your perfect shade! Good luck ladies!

What you’ll need:

Arrowroot powder or cornstarch

Cocoa powder



French Green Clay or wheat grass powder

Bentonite clay

Quick note – Don’t be alarmed by the ingredients listed above. Most of them can be found in your local grocery or drug stores. 




1. Start by measuring 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder and put it on a plate. If the powder on the plate is darker than your skin tone, add 1/8 teaspoon of arrowroot powder to the cocoa powder and mix until even. 

2. Try again to see if the color matches your own skin tone, if not, add an additional 1/8 teaspoon of arrowroot powder and mix evenly. Continue to do this until the coloring of the mixture matches you skin tone. 

  • Why use ginger? If you have yellow undertones (in a good way), this will bring it out more and give you a Sun-kissed glow. There is no set measurement I would suggest here because it all depends on your skin tone. Just keep adding 1/4 of ginger each time until the mixture begins to look similar to your own.
  • Why use French green clay? This is more for those with reddish to reddish orange undertones. The green clay should reduce the red appearance of your skin.
  • Why use Bentonite clay? This has less to do with creating a perfect makeup look and has more to do with preserving the health of your overall appearance of your skin.

3. Customize it! We all know that black women are not just one color. We have undertones! Depending on your specific coloring, add a pinch of cinnamon, ginger or French green clay to give you a more dimensional color.

4.  Pour your powder foundation mix into a small container, covering the opening with a cotton ball or cosmetic pad to prevent moisture from entering into the bottle.

Final bit of  advice – Keep track of how much of each ingredient you have added to your mixture. This is especially important because if you manage to find your perfect shade, this will allow you to replicate it every time. 

Check out how my own foundation mixture turned out. If you click on the collage, it will increase the size of the image for a better look at the ingredients. 

Let me know how your own homemade foundation turns out. 



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  • Our skin tone is exactly the same color. Can you give me your exact recipe that you use? Can’t wait to try this out. Thanks Ann!!!

  • Hey! I just made this makeup and was surprised by how cheap the ingredients were and how fast it took me to make the foundation. It was super easy! Thank you. I’ve seen a lot of other recipes out there that had so many ingredients and maybe they were good to have but you gave me the essentials and something to work with. I think mine was super easy because I have dark skin so I used mostly cocoa powder. Thanks again!

    • I’m glad you liked it, Tamara! It’s very hard to match foundation to African American skin tones and there are very few products on the market that does it well! So, I think sometimes the best way to fix a problem like that is to make the foundation yourself. Be sure to check out the liquid foundation post if your a girl who wants a little more coverage than the powder will give you! ~ ANN

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