DIY Blowout, Anyone??

As an African American woman, I was skeptical about trying a blowout because my hair is naturally nappy! I know some women claim to have “curly or coarse” hair that is resistant to training or whatever junk they want to tell themselves, but I’m more realistic about this mop top on my head. My hair turns into a pumpkin when wet or in the presence of moisture (even with a relaxer) and some days my edges won’t stay flat with the strongest of chemicals and products being layered on top of it. 
Imagine my surprise when my hair turned out really good without having a relaxer in it for over a year! In fact, my hair looked much healthier and has more body than when I had a relaxer on a regular basis! I’m not going to lie, depending on your grade of hair, the blowout may only last a week. But I have managed to stretch my hair two weeks by wrapping my hair up at night and pin curling it on occasion. 
Convinced yet? GOOD! For tips on how to get the perfect blowout, I’ve included a video from The Dry Bar’s founder Alli Webb below, but first here are the tools you’ll need to get the perfect blowout:
1. An ionic hair dryer – This is by far the most important tool you’ll need to get the perfect blowout. You can expect to spend anywhere from $160 to $250 on a quality blow dryer. Keep an eye out for sales. Here’s a blow dryer that has pretty good reviews.
2. A Round Brush – A good round brush can be found at your local beauty supply store. Don’t buy one that costs over $20 because they all do the same thing, just make sure the bristles don’t fall off easily.
3. Hair clips – Hair clips are pretty much everywhere too! Just make sure to get ones that have good grips that can really hold your hair in place.
4. Flat Iron – Just in case you want a smoother finish, you will need a flat iron that can get really hot (think 450 degrees)! These can cost anywhere from $150 and up…expensive, but worth it! Here’s the flat iron I use on my hair. 
Lastly, but not certainly not least, you’ll need…
5. Good Products! Moroccan oil products are the best products you can put on your hair!! It’s sooo expensive, but it’s sooo worth it. I would suggest starting small by buying just the Smoothing Lotion and the Treatment Oil (Light) and springing for the rest later (the shampoo and conditioner). In the meantime, you can get away with using a decent hydrating shampoo and conditioner.
Now that you know what you’ll need for the perfect blowout, check out Alli Webb’s how-to for the perfect DIY blowout at home!

Image: Womens Health Magazine

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