Diaper Bag Essentials

So now you’re a Mom and you need something to put all of your little ones stuff in. Enter the Diaper Bag! This nice little invention will replace that fabulous Kate Spade you were sporting and will carry all the baby essentials and more, but since you’re new to this you’re probably asking yourself, “What do I put into my diaper bag?” Well, look no further as I have done a bit of research (talked to several of my mom friends…first time moms and some vets) and came up with this awesome list that I hope will also help me when my little one arrives in August! So check out the diaper bag list below and let me know if it’s accurate and helps you!

  1. Diaper Bag (neutral color for either parent, bags that come with multiple wear or cross functional options i.e. backpack, shoulder, stroller clips etc.)
  2. Changing Pad – a good sturdy one for changing baby any/everywhere
  3. 8 Diapers – at least. Whether you are using disposable or cloth diapers, you can never have too many.
  4. Wipes – for baby, sticky hands, dirty surfaces etc.
  5. Hand Sanitizer – for cleaning your hands when there’s no place to wash them. You can use either the Hand Sanitizer Canada offers or create your own!
  6. Diaper Cream – sample size so it takes up less space
  7. Breast Pads – for those unexpected leaky moments
  8. Nursing Cover – for breastfeeding in public or where you’re not comfy to have the girls unveiled
  9. Food (snacks, bottle of water, formula or breast milk for dad, and snacks for the little one as they grow)
  10. Disposable large freezer zip-lock bags – for dirty diapers, clothes, baby blankets for emergencies and a place for really dirty clothes etc.
  11. Toys/Books – something based on your child’s age
  12. Blanket – All purpose for a changing pad, nursing cover, bib, shade, or burp cloth etc.
  13. First- Aid Kit – travel size that you will be glad you have along because you always need a band-aid at the most random moments.
  14. Extra set of clothes, for example, star wars baby onesies, for baby including socks and onsite in a sealed bag zip lock bag
  15. Car Set of baby clothes and shirt for Mom/Dad in case of accidents
  16. Bottles – If your bottle feeding or expressing breast milk


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