Detoxing and Then Some…

As I am always trying to get my mind and body right I have created a 30 day detox/cleansing of sorts! It’s a four part Get Right thing; I say four parts because it focuses on Mind-Body-Exercise-Nutrition.

Additionally, to give your body a helping hand with your detox, you might also want to invest in some detoxification lifestyle tools. Head to to learn more.

Mind: In order to do this you have to be mentally prepared otherwise it won’t work. I intend to make sure that I have my will power up and keep my mind clear, positive and focused on the task at hand! So more of a “can do” spirit rather than an “I can’t” attitude.

Body: Your body is your temple and unfortunately, we as a people do not treat it with all the care that it deserves. Therefore, I will be making a strong attempt to take better care of it which means exfoliating, moisturizing, stretching more, meditating etc. I’m even considering trying some extra vitamins and the like, such as liposomal glutathione supplements, but that’s not fully decided yet.

Exercise: If one wants to get fit and stay healthy, exercise will play a key role in that movement. I intend to hit the ground running and commit myself to a minimum of five days a week of exercise. The first four days will consist of at least a one hour workout including cardio and weights. The 5th day will be something on the lighter side such as a long walk/hike with the pooch, a few laps around the mall, bike ride etc.

Nutrition: This will be the biggest overhaul during this 30 Day Detox/Cleanse. I’ve already convinced my boss to have fruit delivered to the office every week by SnackNation, to make the most of those hungry moments at work (why are we always more hungry at work?!) My hubby and I received a juicer and blender as wedding gifts, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and how it worked. So, I researched on Google and collected recipes with Pinterest. Some people juice for EVERY meal of the day and are consuming liters upon liters of juice. And some people do this for 2-60 Days. I noticed in my research a lot of the people who juiced were able to stay at home to juice for every meal (ie. stay at home moms or people who work from home). Since I am starting out and do not want to set myself up for failure I will be doing it for breakfast only. Keep in mind when you juice, you want to drink it immediately after because the longer it sits the less you get the nutrients from it.

Daily Nutrition Plan Below

Breakfast- Juice or Smoothie

Snack – Greek Yogurt or Fruit or Nuts or Veggie

Lunch – Salad or Soup w/Fruit

Snack – Greek Yogurt or Fruit or Nuts or Veggie

Dinner – Juice or Smoothie

Should you choose to test out this detox plan I would suggest tracking your progress through a food diary or a tool such as Myfitnesspal. It will hold you accountable!!

Happy Detoxing!

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