Dear Parent Who Sent Their Kid to Daycare Sick…You SUCK!

One of the things I find most annoying about being a new mom is sending my son to daycare in perfect health and having him returned to me with a snotty nose and phlegm-filled cough. I understand that some illnesses are hard to avoid in daycare and I’m not complaining about an average run-of-the-mill sniffle. What I don’t understand is why a parent would send their child to daycare with a fever and a stomach virus!!!! Yes, I am completely judging parents who send their kids to daycare sick because it not only affects them, but other families (including mine)!

I’ve heard all the excuses, including the potential to lose employment because of so many missed days of work. But what about the parents of the children YOUR child infects? When my son caught the stomach virus, he was home for a week! This is a week that I still had to pay over $300 for my kid to NOT be there. On top of that, I had to deal with diarrhea, a squirming child who refused to let me suck the snot out of his nose, sleepless nights, fevers, refusal to eat, and forcing him to drink Pedialyte so that he wouldn’t get dehydrated. My husband is self-employed, so a week of no work can pose a real challenge to the work he has scheduled with clients and is basically a week without any income. That leaves me to shoulder the majority of the sick days, despite having a job with good benefits, I have a lot of responsibilities at work and missing a week feels like missing a month in some cases and no one gives two monkeys that I have childcare challenges either!! Then once my son is better, I have to take him to the doctor to get a note for the daycare stating that it’s okay for him to return. That’s ANOTHER missed day of work and $50 for a damn note (aka a “doctor’s visit”)! What’s worse, on occasion, I get sick and have to miss more days of work!

So this is to all the selfish parents who have no regard for the financial and professional burdens you place on other families by sending your kids to daycare sick, please think long and hard before you give your baby that Tylenol to mask his or her fever and drop them off. You may be saving your job, but you are adding stress to the lives of others. And to be fair, rest assured that if my son is the cause of any illness, he will be home because I apparently care more about your kid’s health than you care about mine.


A pissed off Mom who paid for 3 weeks of daycare she didn’t use because you sent your kid to daycare sick!

P.S. You suck!

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