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One thing that has resonated with me during my relationship of 6 years and marriage for almost 1 year (September 22) is that you should keep dating your significant other. It’s important to show that special person that you still care about them and want to experience new things with them so, dating should continue throughout your relationship or marriage. A+J will feature the “Date Night Series” in an effort to give you some ideas! Check out the first round of options below.

Drive-In Theatre: Enjoy the summer weather and do something different; bring your own meal for two and pull in to the drive through theatre.

Cooking class: I’m no Emeril, but I do love to cook and try new things and a cooking class with your significant other is the perfect way to share your interests! The first cooking class the hubs and I took I learned that you should dry your meat before cooking as added moisture can over cook it. I also learned how to properly hold a knife! So if you have been dying to learn how to make gazpacho or a chocolate soufflé from scratch, sign up for a cooking class in your area and upgrade those cooking skills!

Dance class: One night my hubby surprised me by signing us up for a Salsa dance class. It was super cute and fun. Even though we didn’t get all the moves and probably won’t be on “Dancing with the Stars” any time soon, we had a great time trying and it was definitely a great relationship building experience. Check out what’s available in your area.

Comedy show: These are super cheap and fun. Besides, who doesn’t like to laugh? I have been to a few shows here and there and have always had a good time, even when some of the jokes weren’t that funny.

Wine tasting/tour: Who doesn’t like to have a little wine and cheese? Wineries are such an easy and fun date because wine flights are typically not very expensive and you come away learning more about wine than you did before. If the winery has a restaurant, you might also have dinner and just enjoy the whole experience.

Game night: Have a game night! Who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition? Take your talents to Dave & Busters or break out the Monopoly. It keeps the adrenaline flowing and your game skills in tiptop shape! Besides, I’m always game for some air hockey!

Sign up for a mud run: Let’s get muddy!! Who doesn’t wanna roll around in mud like pigs??!! Lol. You will be able to work on your stamina and go through some cool obstacles. The hubs and I will be taking a stab at it on August 17 so pray for us!

Plan a picnic: All you need is a blanket, basket full of yumminess, your kindle fire, and a bottle of bubbly and you are all set! The last picnic we took was at our favorite winery where my hubs proposed! We feasted on sushi & wine and even brought our pooch! Fun times and a quick and easy escape.

Have any other date night ideas? Let me know below!

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