Cruel First Two Days of a Diet

1. You Can’t Fit Into Your Favorite Jeans

2. Now, You’re Feeling Sorry for Yourself


 3. You’ll win this battle of the bulge…Tomorrow!  


4. The next day you hit the gym pumped

17 Reasons Not To Go To The Gym

5. But it’s time to eat and you remember…all you have is healthy food!

 6. But your coworker brings in cupcakes

7.  You weigh yourself…even though it’s only been a day! 

 8. You notice a sudden increase in food commercials

9. Your Husband asks you to make your famous fried chicken for dinner

10. It’s finally bed time and you remember…you didn’t log your dinner into Myfitness Pal! UGH!

Images: Vitamin-ha, Daily Mail UK, Angry Trainer Fitness, Harley Therapy, and Consoleandhollawell

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