Creating Your Own Urban Garden Makes Farm to Table A Reality

urban garden

It’s true what they say — you do treat the second child differently. Sure, sometimes it’s not always in their favor. I mean let’s be honest, don’t you feel less worried the second time around? But sometimes, being the second kid has its perks! At least that was the case when my little girl was ready to eat her first bit of real food.

It all started when I came across an article by USA Today  that said despite thoroughly washing strawberries, it still tops the list as the fruit with the most pesticide residue. It’s easy to see why — strawberries are effing delicious and a favorite of everything from slugs to birds. I remember eating strawberries as a little girl. I’d make all sort of things like ice cream, use them in recipes, or add a handful of berries to my oatmeal or granola for breakfast. I suppose it’s reasonable to think that such a delicious fruit with so many natural admirers would need something to keep the pests and disease away. I just figured all of that stuff got washed off after a good rubbing and rinse. Boy was I wrong.

urban garden

They say knowledge is power. And what I know is having to buy organic produce for a family of 4 can easily top $100 a week…now that did not make me feel powerful. But it did give me an idea. What if I started my own edible garden? It’s easier than you think. If you live near a big city like I do, space can be limited. That’s why I opted to start my edible garden in some raised beds and containers! The best part is that you can plant just a few fruits and vegetables that will grow and provide you with fresh produce all summer. You can even freeze some ahead of those cold winter months and have your favorite fruit or vegetable year round!

Each week, I’ll share my tips for creating an urban garden and offer some great ideas for what exactly you can do with all the wonderful stuff you’ll be growing!  With the frost officially over, it’s time to get out in the sun, roll your sleeves up, and grow something!!

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