Couples Retreat Anyone?

This MLK Weekend will mark the third year of my Hubby and I’s Annual Couples Retreat. We started small with 2 other couples and now have 6 in attendance. Last year’s couple retreat was great and this past one equally so. It’s always nice to get away, catch up with old friends, and just relax and have some good times. The house rented for this trip was the nicest of the 3 we have stayed in. If you are interested in planning your own couples retreat, take some of these things into consideration.

Location – This is the most important part! Choose a location that is a fair distance from all couples as it is likely you do not all live in the same place. Also, make sure that the location you have selected has amenities nearby such as grocery stores, hospitals, gas station, etc. You never want to be in a situation where you’re stranded and don’t have those things nearby.

Cost – Once you have chosen a location, you should start considering affordability and pricing. As the total cost of the home selected will be divided amongst the group, you want to make sure you’re not breaking the bank or that the trip isn’t getting too pricey. Always make sure to keep your group informed of cost so they are not blindsided and can plan/save accordingly.

Payment – Breaking up payments over time makes things much more manageable. If you also allow enough time before the trip to plan this will help greatly. Plus, homes book up quickly so it’s in your best interest to book 4-5 months out.

Meal Planning – Divide meals up between couples. This allows for less work overall and allows everyone to pitch in with the cooking effort. Plus, you get to cook with your significant other for a large group, which is a couple building activity in itself! (Just have to say a prayer it tastes good!)

Room Division – The Host Couple should choose their room first or take the master bedroom. After this has been done, you can divide the room by pulling straws, or by submission of funds. There is no faster way to get payments in on time than by noting that the order of deposits dictates room selection.

Activities – Activities on a couples retreat are VERY important. Of course, you’re going to indulge in foods and libations but people might actually want to go outside for some fresh air. So make sure there is something to do nearby. This might be a chance to attend day spas austin has to offer where couples can enjoy relaxing massages. Other options can include skiing, tubing, hiking, fishing, biking, a wine tour and more. Wine tours are always fun, especially these sonoma wine tours, as they give you a chance to see the beauty of the local area while enjoying some gorgeous wines. Some of the most scenic and romantic hikes are the canyons in Utah and Arizona, which have outstanding views. However, it’s recommended you use a white pocket arizona Dreamland tour guide to get the maximum experience and to help you across some potentially tricky terrian…you wouldn’t want to end up in hospital due to a sprained ankle on a couples retreat! Alternatively, one of my friends suggested looking at different bikes we could take on the retreat, she said her husband and herself often take their electric bicycles with them when they go away. They would allow us to get some fresh air and experience the nature around us!

Games – Bring on the newlywed game, battle of the sexes, taboo, cranium and more! Nothing says couples retreat like board/card games!!

Hopefully this easy to follow guide will aid you in your planning of a couple’s retreat. If you think I missed anything or have any suggestions let me know!

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