Cosmetic Care 101

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brush? Did you know that makeup and skincare products are only meant to last 1-2 years? Yet, I bet some of you still have some eye shadows or blushes from high school! I assure you, I’m guilty of it as well. But, just in case you didn’t know, makeup contamination can occur at any time and because makeup comes in contact with your eyes, mouth, and fingers, you’re practically asking for it.

I don’t know about you, but before I did some research, I did not realize how important it was to get rid of my old makeup and clean my makeup tools. Before I had my first facial, I never thought to clean my makeup brushes. The esthetician told me that you should wash your makeup tools once a week. This will help you to avoid mixing the normal bacteria that accumulates on your face with your makeup. Since then, I have washed my makeup brushes every Sunday. And, you wouldn’t believe the significant improvement in my skin. So, just in case you don’t know how to keep your old makeup /tools sanitary, check out these simple tips.

Cleaning brushes: Clean once a week with mild shampoo or brush cleaner.

Mascara: Change every 3-6 months to prevent eye infections.

Makeup sponges: Swap out old ones every week if you can. They (i.e., sponges) are always better options than your fingers. (Why do you think they give you so many in a bag?)

Powders and concealer: Last for a couple of years, which is GREAT, because they can be pricey!

Foundations: Keep up to a year if using the proper tools to apply. If you use your fingers, you are increasing the risk of bacteria getting into your pores.

Pencils: Last several years because you typically sharpen them before use, which gets rid of past residue. Just be cautious of wetting the tip or else it has to go after 3 months.

Storage: Keep cosmetics in a cool dry place to extend shelf life.

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