Closet Org Anyone?

I am not the junkiest person I know, and typically, I like things to be in order, but…we all have moments in our life where we can be a bit messy. And while it is not something that one likes to admit, it happens! Case in point, I have always been taught that one’s home should always be show ready, or be able to receive company at any time. Now this part of my home, of course, is mainly the kitchen and living room areas; the areas typically reserved for hosting a function or receiving company. That being the case, my messiness started to show through more in my bedroom, heavily concentrated in my closet and on my dresser.

Enter Mrs. Jennifer Smith-Miller! Jen (who is rather humble and modest about her talents) is an avid organizer. She has organized homes, closets, garages, etc. For her, it started out as a hobby for her that allowed her to relax. She also thoroughly enjoys organizing. For what reason I know not, as I cringe at the site of piles of messes while she gets excited to dive in, go figure.

To start my closet org we took everything out of my closet and separated them into piles of dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, etc. We also began replacing all the hangers with newly purchased ones I bought from Target. Jen has a “no wire hangers” rule, but because I had a lot of stuff from dry cleaning, plus my old hangers, I was breaking that rule twice over. We also separated out clothes by season. So, all of my spring/summer wear went into a plastic bin that I put in the attic until that season rolls around again and I need those clothes. She also made me try on many of the clothes I had to make sure they fit or looked right. We cataloged piles of clothes that I was no longer keeping for goodwill.

After about 10 hours, over the course of 2 days with some wine and laughs here and there we were finished!  My shoes were organized not only by color and heel height but also by closed and peep toe shoes. My clothes were color coded from white to black, short to long, etc. My closet org looked like I just went on one of those HGTV shows and had an organizer come to my house and organize it. The result was that I had plenty of space in my closet after and it made me more excited to go shopping!

When I say Jen did quite the number on my closet, I mean it! Without her assistance, I would still be living in a world of mess. Next time around I will have her do the hubs closet and might move on to the kitchen pantry! The biggest question is whether I will keep it up! It has been a few months since my closet org session and I am still in good shape.








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