Check-in: The Two Week Mark

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve began my weight loss journey and I’ve learned so much along the way. Since January 6th, I’ve lost 6 pounds thanks to a balanced diet, exercising six days a week, and meditating to avoid giving into food cravings. I’m finally to a point where I’m no longer craving the foods I love and I’m not anxiously anticipating my next meal.

Most importantly, I’m at a point where working out is comfortable, but it was only because I figured out what works best and what could go! Here are the three things I’ve learned from the first two weeks in the road to getting back into shape:

My Strength is in My Ears!

That might sound funny to you, but my headphones were killing my workout efforts! Apparently they were trapping heat which was making me feel extremely fatigued and caused me to lack the motivation to continue running. I noticed how relieved I was every time I took off my headphones, so I went out and bought me some earphones instead and PRESTO, problem solved.

Sticking to a Diet is good for the Bottom Line

Since going on my diet, I have only spent $2.11 on eating out. That’s down from over $300 a month. Sure, one can argue that it’s only the 18th, but considering I’ve only spent $100 this month on groceries for the entire month…I think that’s pretty significant.

1 Caramel Pecanbon Equals How Much Time on This Machine?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to be honest with you…I. Feel. Some. Type. Of. Way. One of my favorite treats, the Caramel Pecanbon from Cinnabon has 1,080 calories! Just to burn that off, I would have to spend two hours at the gym and that’s just to break even! This was actually helpful in figuring out why I’ve gained as much weight as I have over the last five years and will help me going forward in my weight loss effort! No more Pecanbons for this girl! 

This is my favorite monthly treat. Anytime I’m at the mall (usually once a month), I stop by the Cinnabon counter to get me a delicious Caramel Pecanbon…goodbye old friend!

I hope you consider these tips if you’re running into to some road blocks with your diet and exercise routine. Be sure to share your tips to make getting in shape a little easier.

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