Changes I Noticed after Marriage

Once you get married, people start asking you 20 questions. How’s married life? How do you feel? Do you feel any different? When are you having a baby? Are you going to buy a house? You get the point.  Either way, I thought about the changes I first noticed after we got hitched and I listed my thoughts below. Check em’ out!

Increased feeling of togetherness: This is really hard for me to explain. Whenever I tried, people looked at me like I was crazy. But since getting married (and this can also be on spiritual level), I feel so much closer to my husband, like we are really one. Maybe its that “us against the world like Bonnie & Clyde” feeling, but just knowing that I have my other half and knowing that he will always be there is so comforting and such a blessing.

Inner Susie homemaker switch came on: Yes, since being married, I have definitely felt more wifely. I make more home cooked meals and do a little more cleaning and tidying up around the house. For the most part, I actually don’t mind doing it, although sometimes I think my hubs thinks he found a maid so he tries to skip out on cleaning, which is generally quickly corrected! Lol But for the most part, I do enjoy trying to figure out how to make new recipes and make our house a home.

I drive less: Since I’m the wife, I feel like he should drive more and he definitely does. We might take my car more (which is totally fine), but when we go on long road trips, he is the pilot and I’m his second in command, which means I handle directions/GPS and food/drink administering. It’s a dirty job! Lol

Future planning: Since being married, we have definitely increased our discussions on our future together in more depth. We discuss thing like, when do we want to have kids? How do we want to invest our funds? Will we sell or rent our first home? When will be buy our second home? How do we want to divide our time visiting both sides of our families?

Combining finances: Much easier said than done. You have to consider both parties’ debts, spending habits, and investments and savings. You also have to decide whether to maintain separate or joint accounts or not.  It really takes open and honest communication to do this. All of these things will come into play once you get married because once you say “I do,” you are no longer spending “my” money. It’s now “our” money and your financial decisions now effect two people.

What did you notice after you first got married? Let me know!

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  • Great post!! After marriage I noticed how much I value being a wife. I take great pride in standing next to my husband. And yes I feel so much more closer to my husband. It’s been wonderful and I look forward to all to come.

    • Thanks Nicole! I too must say I value being a wife. I think after being married almost 10months now I realize how many women haven’t been fortunate enough to find their mate and its truly a blessing when you do. =)

  • Initially after getting married I didn’t feel any different. People would ask me why I don’t feel different and I would attribute it to the fact that we had been together 7 years prior to us getting hitched. Now married a little more than a year, i’d say about 6-8 months into it I started to notice myself transitioning into the “wife role” and so before making plans or doing some things with friends I would check to see how my husband would feel about where I was going or what I was going to do. Not that I wouldn’t check before, but I feel like as a wife it was my job to be more acknowledging of my husband’s opinion when going out with my single/non-married friends.

    • Ashley, after I got married it really didn’t hit me until we came back from our honeymoon. I was now a wife with a husband and I really did feel different. And it was GREAT! It was hard to explain to be honest to express this new sense of “oneness” I felt with my Husband and just feeling happy all the time and so blessed and thankful that he chose ME and knowing that God put this person in my life to be my equal. It’s just amazing and marriage thus far has been great!!

      And I hear ya on the trying to be respectful of the hubs when hanging with friends and going out.

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