Camping Gone Wrong

Ever heard the expression…”What Can Go Will Go Wrong?” Allow me to explain…

The last time I went camping, I was in high school and with my parents and sister. I was charged with the task of finding a campground (mind you this was in the internet dial-up days) so, I set along on my task to find the best place possible. I called several places for more information but only one place called me back so OF COURSE this had to be the place for us. We actually went in our RV aand the battery died halfway through our holiday…not good. Luckily we had a spare RV Battery which saved the day!

We packed up the car with all the essentials; tent, blankets, water, games, and we even had to make ahead meals for camping to ensure we made this the best trip possible. So we set out to this campground. As we neared the location and drove through a rural little town, it appeared desolate and looked like something more out of a horror movie. We ignored this and traveled onto the campground site. Once we arrived and hopped out the car, we were met with what appeared to be a deteriorating site. The welcome sign was barely visible and looked like termites vandalized it. Termites can do a lot of damage! My friend had termites in her home and had to get Terminix termite control to come and get rid of them for her. Thankfully we didn’t see any termites at the campsite! The campgrounds had lot numbers for the plots, but I am not sure even calling them plots was appropriate. Either way, we were there already, set up shop and decided to go check out horseback riding.

The best way to describe the stables and condition of the horses is for me to tell you if PETA ever caught wind of that place they would have laid down a serious smack down shutdown. The horses were thin, diseased looking, with ribs showing and skin ailments. We could not believe our eyes and it hurt to look at them. On top of that, the stable owners wanted to charge us $75 a person to ride! We were like mmmk NO!

Since horseback riding was a no go, we decided to go fishing because we figured that was fool proof. Wrong again. As we pulled up to what I assumed to be a lake, we were presented with what I would equate to a cesspool. To say what we did there was fishing is probably not accurate. Instead, we did the equivalent of fly-fishing because I whipped every fish I caught out to the water. I couldn’t reel them in with our cheap Wal-Mart fishing poles so I lost every fish to the woods lol.

It is such a shame that our fishing experience was not successful as I know so many people who have had a great time fishing with their families! Some friends of ours recently returned from a trip to Key West and they had such an awesome experience. They told us all about how they were able to target wrecks, located west of Key West where all the most exciting fish are hiding out. There is always next time for us I suppose! Perhaps a trip to Key West could be on the cards?

After “fishing” we headed back to our little patch of land to set up for the night. Dinner and tent set up went off without a hitch. We had just finished dinner when it started raining. So we packed everything up and headed into the tent. What followed I can only attribute to a mini derecho. It hailed, while the wind blew hard and the rain pounded even harder. My mom and sister were in one corner praying to survive the storm singing Kum-ba-ya with Dad and I looking at them like…Really?!?!

We woke up the next morning to branches and debris everywhere. I was surprised that we made it in our little tent and did not have to retreat to the car. We started packing to head out as it was evident this was NOT the Family Camping trip we had planned for. To make matters worse, who would have thought on the way home three tires on my Dads 4×4 Jeep Grand Cherokee would blow out? Not me! To say this was the worst family trip ever would truly be an understatement but it was by far the most memorable.

While I was banned from planning family trips for a while, it was worth it because it’s the little moments like that you remember. Bottom line if it had not been for my poor planning we would not have had a family trip to talk about so I think I did pretty good! Hmph!

Moral of the Story – If the camp ground calls you back…DONT GO THERE!

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