Taking Time in July to Bond With My Boy

July was a busy month. I have definitely thought about the need to stop and smell the roses more. It’s easy to forget how special these moments are when you have things like work and household chores get in the way. It seems as if life just passes me by without me having a real chance to enjoy life’s little pleasures like Jackson laughing at a TV show or even throwing his 10th temper tantrum.

Well, I was lucky enough to get a chance to smell the roses and then some, as Jackson and I were able to spend a lot of quality time together like hitting the pool for the first time.


 We checked out the Zoo a week later and even though it was a million degrees out, we both managed to survive and have fun. Jackson loved checking out the little kiddie farm and was most impressed with the sea lions. It was cool getting to teach him about different animals and the most I spent on that day trip was the cost of parking. I haven’t been to the Zoo in years, so it was cool to go back and see the place through Jackson’s eyes and not as an adult who was entirely too busy to even take the time to visit.


The fun didn’t stop there. Jackson and I attended a wedding of a good friend. Now that he’s getting older, it’s cool to see how much he actually likes hanging out with his Mama and likes helping me get ready.

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We decided to stay on the party train and visited the Baltimore Aquarium. I must admit I stopped smelling the roses when they told me I had to check in his stroller. Jackson’s a good little walker, but I had to chase him all around that place and drag around his heavy diaper bag through three buildings. IT SUCKED. But my mood changed a bunch after seeing Jackson check out the dolphin training session and his amazement at watching jellyfish float around.




What I’ve learned from spending this extra time with Jackson is that life is so much better if I just focus on enjoying the moment and leave the rest for another time. I was bothered by not being to clean everything in one day, but my new motto now is…it’ll get done because spending time with my little man is far more important.

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