Brushing Up

One of the most challenging parts of shopping for makeup brushes, if you’re just beginning, is determining which ones to buy for your everyday look. There are a million makeup brushes out there that range in price from $2 to $38 or more per brush (depending on the brand). So before you let the sales clerk at your favorite makeup store talk you into buying seven different brushes (three of which you’ll never use) here are the four most commonly used brushes and some tips on what to consider when buying brushes.

The Usual Suspects


Foundation brush – This brush is ideal for creating a smooth, flawless finish. There are foundation brushes that can be used with liquid, cream, and powder products. Make sure when you’re buying your brush that you’re choosing the right one for the type of foundation you use. Simply put, don’t buy a powder foundation brush thinking you can use it with liquid. I’ve been told by plenty of folks that it can ruin your brush by making it too stiff or cause it to shed. 



Fan brush – This brush is best for setting any application of powder such as foundation, blush, and highlighters. Consider this brush the one that can make your highlights shine through. This brush should not be used with creams or liquids. 






Blender brush – The blender brush is used to even out the foundation, powder, and bronzer applied. It is best for reducing and blending any streaks or lines made while applying makeup. This brush should only be used for this purpose since it’s not really effective in applying makeup or much else.


Blush brush – A blush brush is used to provide that pop of color to your cheekbones. There are tons of different products out there from powder to gel and liquid blushes, so just keep that in mind.

4 Tips for Buying Brushes

  •  Quality is Key! It can be tempting to grab that brush on sale for $2, but the quality of the brush is just as important as the price. Sure the brush is $2, but it can really affect the application of your makeup. Before buying a brush, test it out on your forearm. Swirl the brush in a circular motion and if you notice any shedding or any scratchiness this means the brush will most likely streak your makeup.
  • Avoid the Name Game. Big names like MAC and Sephora are recognizable and they have really great brushes. But if you don’t have the budget for it, there are other choices out there that are much more budget friendly.

             ANN+JANE pick – Elf Cosmetics brand – Price: ranges from $3 and up.

  • Don’t Buy it All. It’s tempting to buy all the brushes you just watched the store clerk use to demonstrate how to apply your makeup. In reality, you will only need a handful of brushes to create your look, so leave the 120+ brush sets to the professionals.
  • Consider Your Everyday Look. While it may be tempting to buy eye shadow and eyeliner brushes, make sure you actually intend to use them. If you’re the person that really just applies concealer, foundation, and a bold lip color and you’re off to face the day, then you don’t need to buy the eye shadow and liner brushes. Save some money when you can!
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