Bridal “Wedding Day” Tips

It will feel like you’re being attacked (granted by people u love) but it’s like if getting married is what it feels like to be a celebrity I’m glad I’m only doing it once! People usually say: stay calm… do not stress… whatever shall be… but try to enjoy it! When you really sit back and process it all, it really can be overwhelming! You get up early, go to hair and makeup, and get your dress on while people fuss over you all day. Then you realize it is show time and all about you but then it’s like wait, at some point you do get a little tired of smiling for pictures. You’re hungry and thirsty, and when you go to take a pic, you want to make sure you have your lip gloss on but your bridesmaid with the pockets on her dress is nowhere to be found! All the while, you wish you reconsidered the whole “I’ll be a bad “B” and wear my heels the entire day” (I was stupid… I literally had those heels on from 10am-3am on my wedding day…DIVA you ask? No, I am an Idiot! lol) Either way it wouldn’t be right of me if I didn’t pass along a few tips to future brides on their wedding day so here are my top six I think are most important.

Have a wedding day itinerary – I do not know how any wedding can run smoothly without one because they are necessary! Make sure everyone who needs one gets the final draft. i.e. Bridal Party, Bride, Groom, Parents, and Wedding Coordinator/Master of Ceremonies. The itinerary should come complete with times for everything scheduled to happen from what time flowers are delivered and the limo arrives to pick up the bridal party to the time for the flower toss and celebratory toasts. The itinerary should also include necessary contact information for all vendors just in case someone does not show up on time or something is missing or mishandled.

Try to Eat – As easy is this may seem, it’s really a challenge on your wedding day! Your body is coursing with emotions all at once. You feel anxious, excited, nervous, and happy so you tend to forget about eating. But it’s so important. Luckily my girls made a McDonalds run and forced a smoothie and some oatmeal in my system.

Get All Your Pics – On my wedding day, there were pics that I wish I had taken that I didn’t. Time goes faster than you think so make sure you chat with your photographer about the pictures you want on the day of your wedding. Use pinterest and Google to help you figure out positions and styling as well. 

Keep your bridal party informed – Nothing is worse than having a bridal party who doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on. So as you plan, let them know about the location of things, possible costs for hotels, or even dress codes for rehearsal dinner etc.

Accept that you cannot control everything – Things may or may not go wrong on your wedding day. However, if something does not go according to plan, just go with the flow. If the caterer brings the wrong linens or your guests’ names are printed out slightly crooked on the tent cards… just let it go.  You have done all you can up until this point and you don’t want to let the small stuff get to you and keep you from enjoying your big day.

Try to Rest – Your wedding day will last longer for you and your bridal party than your guests. For my wedding day, I was up at 7am and didn’t hit the sheets till about 3am the next day. I was EXHAUSTED!!! Lol. So make sure you try and sleep (no matter how anxious or excited you are) rest is important. Besides, you don’t want to have bags under your eyes on your wedding day either! Not cute!

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