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After I had my son the nurses and doctor at the hospital recommend that I track when I feed and change my son. That meant I had to know when I started and ended a feeding, in addition to how many wet and poopy diapers he had daily. When you’re a first time mom saying that there is ALOT to adjust to is an understatement. You’re trying to get a grip on breastfeeding, opening up the stroller, and strapping your kid in their car seat and then you’re supposed to add something else to the already LONG list of things you’re trying to figuring out – GREAT. Needless to say I was not excited about this at all. You can always write it down in a diary but the odds of me having a pen and paper on hand all the time was not likely, but I knew I would have my phone. So I did a little research and found a plethora of baby apps in the Google Play Store. There were a variety to choose from but I settled on the Feed Baby app which has proven to be quite an awesome tool!

The feed baby app is the perfect baby tracker for tracking your newborn breastfeeding and diapers. It also record your baby’s naps, sleep, pumping, baths, growth and development. The great thing about this baby app tracker is that you will never have to write anything down again! The feed baby app simplifies tracking your newborns breast feeds so that you can have more free time to yourself. I was able to do all of the above and more with this baby app, and while I don’t log feedings or diapers anymore I use it daily for pumping sessions so I can record how long I pumped and how much I produced during that pump session. If you’re looking for an easy go-to baby app I highly recommend it. Check out the snapshots below and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me!


wpid-photogrid_1449498781693.jpg wpid-photogrid_1449499567293.jpg wpid-photogrid_1449498882785.jpg

Image Source: Feed Baby

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