Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a blend of fatty acids, many of which have numerous health benefits. According to reports, in its pure virgin form, coconut oil has been known to assist in improving immune function, obesity, and heart disease. Besides being a great tool for the body inside and out, it has also been a proven tool in fighting the aging process because of the antioxidants contained in the oil.

Since discovering coconut oil, I use it for almost everything…and I mean that literally. I use it on my hair, my face, and my body and I use it to cook with and more. The benefits are endless; I’m disappointed that I didn’t know about it sooner. A few uses and benefits listed below.

• Slow the aging process
• Reduce cholesterol
• Manage weight

 • Moisturize skin
• Remove makeup
• Use as lip balm
 • Use as a massage oil

 • Oil pulling is an ayurvedic practice that involves swishing coconut oil around the mouth for twenty minutes to remove debris and plaque. Some people also claim that oil pulling can whiten teeth. Tempted to try oil pulling for yourself? Remember to attend regular check ups with a dentist in Tallahassee or a dentist in your area too as caring for your oral health is crucial.

• Gives hair shine
• Leave-in-conditioner
 • Defrizz hair

In the Kitchen:
• Add to smoothies
• Replace vegetable oil for baking or frying foods
• Use to make salad dressing

In the Home:
• Use as furniture polish
• Shine your shoes
• Lubricate electronics

Hope this list makes you want to test out coconut oil.

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  • Coconut products in general are amazing. Since I decided to follow behind my sister and go natural all the products I’ve used have Shea butter and coconut products in them leaving my hair feeling amazing. But until reading this blog post I had no idea about all the other benefits coconut oil has to offer you learn something new everyday!!.

    • Zuri, the products really are!!! I love Shea butter as well but so far nothing has been as effective on my eczema as coconut oil!! I’m glad to know you learned something from this post!! =)

  • Didnt realize all the benefits of Coconut Oil. I just bought my first jar from Trader Joes on Sunday and used it yesterday after “co-washing” my hair. I love the smell and hope it moisturizes as well as I’ve heard especially with my blond hair color. Great read!

    • Lauren it is truly great stuff!! I LOVE Trader Joes by the way!! That place is addictive and has some GREAT wine!! It will work great on your hair and you only need a little bit!

    • So true Jen!! It has really helped improve my dry skin and evened out my complexion!! Let me know if you have any special uses for it I didn’t mention!

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