Benefits of Avocado

Firstly, one should know that avocado, despite its green nature and non-sweet flavor, is a fruit and not a vegetable.  There are 500 varieties of avocado and it is a staple in Mexican cuisine. Despite being used commonly for food, the avocado has several health benefits.  

  • Healthy Fat – High in Vitamins A, C, E, K and B6 in addition to having an enormous amount of potassium.
  • Healthy Heart – Protects against heart disease because avocados are rich in Omega-3 which is important in cardiovascular health.
  • Pregnancy – Avocados are high in folic acid, which is commonly recommended for pregnant women as it helps the fetus with brain and vital organ development.
  • Blood Pressure – Avocados high potassium content and omega-3s are the key to lowering blood pressure.
  • Digestion – The high fiber content of avocados makes them perfect for digestion because when you combine avocado with other fat burning foods, your nutrient absorption can increase by 400%.
  • Skin Care – With its ability to nourish the skin it is perfect for skin care and aids in treating skin redness and irritation for such skin ailments as psoriasis.
  • Anti-Aging Properties – With avocado being rich in antioxidants, it helps to prevent aging symptoms and oxidative stress. It boosts the immune systems and slows the aging process, which encourages a healthy nervous system.

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