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I couldn’t help myself with the whole baby announcement/buck/doe thing. My husband is an avid hunter and so it felt fitting to announce Blip’s sex by using a hunting reference…but I digress! 

So when I first began this journey of trying to get pregnant, I did all my research and read the advice of the mommy blogs and experts. According to them, I could probably expect to get pregnant after three to twelve full months of trying. It was during that time that I had planned to envision myself with a child (I hadn’t thought about it before), start to think about things such as whether I wanted a boy or a girl and the cost of the new addition to the family, and what type of mom I wanted to be. Well after a full two weeks of trying…Blip was already in the works! It all seemed ironic that a woman, who was never interested in kids, should happen to get pregnant in like two seconds…but such is life and believe me the irony was not lost on me! 

Since I was expecting, I decided to look around various baby stores just to see how much I could expect to spend on clothes and equipment (i.e., stroller, car seat, baby monitors, and so forth). What surprised me is how browsing around these places started to form my opinion of what I wanted my baby to be. After looking through aisle after aisle of cute baby girl clothing, I left the store inspired by all the cool stuff I would get MY little girl! Never mind the fact that I had no idea what the sex of my baby would be. Girls get frilly bows, cute dresses, earrings, necklaces, and all sorts of trinkets. Boys, on the other hand, have less clothing and accessories options. I mean…if Blip was a boy I could definitely buy him a necklace and some frilly bows, but my husband is too manly to ever let that happen and I might end up with an arrow hanging out my arse!! 

In my mind, I had to have a girl. I know girls! I’m a girl and thus very qualified to raise one, right? I imagined my little girl being quiet and proper. She would be an avid reader and would end up with somewhat manageable hair thanks to her father’s genes. I would teach her about the importance of education, managing money, and the importance of self-reliance over depending on a man to make her way in this world! We would bake together on the weekends! Hell, I even had her name picked out by the time I was 10 weeks pregnant! On the other side of the coin, I envisioned a little boy as being rowdy and rambunctious. He would want to wrestle, watch football, would be a nightmare to potty train, and not be into baking. I hadn’t even really considered boy names and was okay with naming our fictitious son anything since I was having a girl anyways. 

A funny thing happened the longer I waited for the news of Blip’s sex…I started to care a little less each visit to the OBGYN’s office. Blip was showing all sorts of personality from refusing to sit still long enough for the sonogram technician to take a good picture to literally pushing the sonogram probe out of the way when it got too close. When I got the call that my Blip was a boy…it was not at all disappointing. That little speck I’ve watched grow into a kicking machine is my little boy and if I’m lucky he’ll be as awesome as his Dad…with a few little personality fixes from Mom, of course.

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