Avoid This Weight Loss Trap

What’s the first thing you do when you decide to lose weight? Go shopping for workout gear! I’m guilty of it too. Many, many moons ago, I decided to lose some weight to become an overall healthy person and to look good in vacation pictures (okay, one of these claims is fluff…guess which one). The first thing I did was head to the Nike store and purchase 7 sports bras, 7 pairs of pants, and 10 t-shirts. My grand total…$600!!!! I was a little taken aback by the total, but I told myself I needed this stuff to get started. Then, I needed running shoes. So, I bought two pairs without doing much research. In fact, all I relied on was how cute they were and the fact that the sales person told me these shoes were the best in reducing injuries related to running. My total for a pair of Nike Shox and a basic ASICS running shoe…$200!

You would think I would’ve come to my senses $800 later, but NO…I then needed other stuff, like a water bottle, a new exercise play list, a new arm band for my iPhone, and a gym membership! I spent well over $1000 to get started and two weeks later, my stuff was collecting dust in my closet. I wouldn’t even start trying to exercise again until a year later…but at least my clothes fit.

The point I’m trying to make here is that sometimes shopping for workout gear can be expensive and more fun than working out. And if we’re being honest with ourselves, we usually can’t stick with our workout routines because they are sooo aggressive to begin with, thus making the need for a billion workout outfits useless.  The pic above is from a well-known store for workout/yoga clothes; the outfit (minus shoes and yoga bag) is over $200!

Avoid this weight loss trap by starting small. Use some t-shirts from home that can double as gym clothes, buy three sports bras from Ladies Footlocker (they usually have a buy one, get one half off deal), and invest in three pairs of workout pants or capris that have some sort of sweat guard built in. This should provide you with enough workout clothes for three visits to the gym. If you stick to it, as I know you will, then you can start adding gadgets that would make your workout easier…such as a water bottle or an armband for your smartphone.

Keep it simple, save some money, and lose that weight! Good luck!

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  • You’re so right about getting caught up in that trap of wanting to buy new stuff just to START working out!!! I have found myself buying so many pairs of running shorts like crazy!!! But the thing with me, I’m a bargain shopper!! I usually get my running shorts (with the built in panties…LOVE those) from JC Penny ONLY when they have them on sale for like $4 a pop! The most I’ll ever pay for running shorts is $5 (sometimes Old Navy has theirs on sale for $5). These shorts usually have a retail value of about $20, but all of the running shorts I own were on sale! I go where the sales are and refuse to pay more! I did just buy a running skirt (had to have it..lol) from Marshalls for $10. I’ve always wanted one, but they’re always more than I wanna pay. I got lucky this time! I also got my running shoes from http://www.6pm.com. I went into a running store to get fitted for a shoe that worked for me, and the same shoe was $109 in the store, but only $60 on 6pm.com!!! I also wait until the seasons are ready to change to buy workout clothes because that’s when stuff goes on sale as well. I do have larger breasts so getting a sports bra was something I cringed to buy because I was convinced I’d have to pay $50+, but God is good!!! JCP had sports bras on sale that were originally $50 for $17.00 if you buy at least 2!!! And then I went to Marshalls and bought Champion brand sports bras and just bought the next size down and viola!! NO bounce and only $10!!! I’m workout regularly, but I still have to force myself to stop buying workout gear! It’s like I have more clothes for the gym than for any other place! LOL

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