Athleisure Wear 411 You Need to Know

Athleisure wear is everywhere these days. You see moms in the local Starbucks in workout clothes pushing their baby strollers, knowing good and well they’re not stepping foot in a gym. Since I’m planning to run a marathon this year, I figured I could use some athleisure wear just in case I decide running sucks but still wanted to wear something cute and comfy to the grocery store. As luck would have it, I came across a Fabletics commercial with Kate Hudson bouncing around in a cute yoga/running outfit. I thought to myself…hmmm, what a great idea. Get a whole outfit for $50…why not? I can look cute while working out. And on the days I’m not heading to the gym, I can still look like I’ve either been there or going there. Those people don’t know (hmpf).


Well, let me tell you that trying to navigate this site as a “guest” is a damn headache! Before I jump into my experience, I’ll loosely explain the concept of the site. Fabletics offers cute workout outfits at a fairly reasonable price. The site even gives new “VIP members” a deal by making their first outfit $25! Sounds good, right? WRONG! Not only does the site give you three different prices for a single item, they also only show you a few things before bombarding you with a survey and basically pushing you to sign up for a VIP membership! But what if you don’t want to be a VIP member having your card charged every single month for a new outfit? That’s a question I spent too much time trying to find out. 



Bottomline…I spent half an hour on the Fabletics website and I still don’t have not a single pair of yoga pants to show for it.  Now, if you don’t care about adding a subscription to your credit card and want to stock up on workout gear, then go for it. The clothes are cute and are not too bad price-wise. But if you just want to buy a pair of running pants to see if this brand is for you…you’d be better off going to Lululemon. They might be on the pricey side, but you won’t spend all your life trying to figure out how to buy their stuff.

Images: Fabletics and Highfiverson

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