Are You Oversharing?

Disclaimer: Please note what follows is a RANT

Are you an over sharer? You want people to know what you’re doing 24/7. You post pictures, you make statuses over everything from that pesky hangnail to that fight you had with your boyfriend. From my observation, I would say there are quite a few over sharers out there and it is really a huge pet peeve of mine. When I pull up my Facebook page, I don’t want read about your baby daddy not paying his child support on time or your boyfriend is a low down dirty nothing or that the chick you thought was your girl is just a hoe. What I feel like people forget is that their statuses, pictures etc. are a reflection of THEMSELVES. So while you are thinking you’re doing the world a service by outing your man or girlfriend, all you’re really doing is making yourself look bad, at least in my opinion. We are all a reflection of the company we keep and I just do not understand why people feel so comfortable putting out their personal business on the World Wide Web!

People have turned social media platforms into their own personal diaries, which I’m pretty sure Mark Zuckerberg did not have in mind when he created Facebook. I just think some things should be kept personal. Do I want to see photos of newborns with their placenta still attached from birth? NO!!! I realize we have reached a place in today’s society/culture where it seems nothing is off limits; especially when you can Google pictures of Osama’s dead body and see people gunned down from genocide and more. I guess it’s we’ve become so desensitized that we think nothing of it. I feel certain things are personal business and should be just that… PERSONAL and kept to one’s self.  

I wondered at one point if I was guilty of over sharing. While I’m not a “take to my Facebook status” type of girl who puts up every emotion she feels toward everyone at all times, I do share my life through pictures. But I am very selective in what I share and while some may think they can tell you about my life through my pictures, I guarantee they don’t know half of it. I think the other problem with over-sharing is because people will form an opinion based on what they see; they will think that’s just it and take it for face value without considering the true meaning or what’s really going on behind closed doors. People see a picture of a happy couple and think they are happy all the time and things are great.  You see someone post a picture of a Louis V. bag they receive from their man and they blast it for all to see. But do we notice when people don’t have posts like that? Do they make professions of love for one another on a regular basis or do they only make posts of material possessions? I guess what I’m saying is we have to look past what we see and think sometimes and realize all that glitters isn’t really gold.

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